Cycle of Heart is a spin studio and shop based in Liberty, Missouri, founded in late 2019.


Our passion is to share joyful movement with the local community, nourish human connection and the mind-body relationship, and share their time and talents with those who can use them in their own backyard.


Beholding the power of positivity, people, and perseverance motivates Cycle of Heart to pursue magical moments and operate with love at the forefront.


There are no mirrors, no metrics, and no judgment at the studio. All are welcome, and everyone's first class is free!

Meet The Coaches


Anna Alessi

Spin has taught me so much about myself and allowed me to unearth more of my inner strength. With every push of the pedal, it reminds me of how I should approach the craziness of life. One rotation at a time to achieve and overcome anything.


Jenn Cornett

Well, for starters, I LOVE SPIN! I’m from Dallas, TX. I would describe my class as high energy and loud music!! I like to have a mix of music so that everyone in class can enjoy! Some fun facts about me: I love some good street tacos, I danced in college, and my family and I are big University of Oklahoma fans, Boomer Sooner!


Amanda Hoppert

I was a college cheerleader and have been coaching cheerleading for years so that is my style of coaching and energy - positive and making sure everyone is involved! There are always sprints and usually at least one hill in my class. We'll use weights for some basic shoulder exercises. We often do one song of jumps. I usually make my playlist from the Top 40 but will throw in some 80s from time to time!


Talia Pernice

My classes are more geared for intermediate-advanced riders but I accommodate all riders with modifications! My playlists consist of anything from EDM, Rock, Old and New Rap/Hip Hop, Pop. I create my playlists to engage all types of riders...something for everyone. I feel my rides are a true test of your mental and physical toughness. I am your biggest fan, upfront, cheering you on while you crush your goals!


Ashley Vlach

Get ready to sweat during this fast-paced and fun 45 minute ride. My playlists include pop, rock, and a little bit of rap. My rides include a good combination of strength training, jumps, endurance and sprints. As a group fitness enthusiast, I will cheer you on to push yourself to the next level. I can’t wait to ride with you! 


Reagan Allegri

Welcome to a killer Rhythm Ride with Reagan! The beat of the music fuels our ride. You hear a beat drop, be prepared because we kick it up!  You dance, sing and sweat all to a banging playlist. I take all riders from brand new to skilled. In my class, you'll hear hip hop, R&B, and pop. Get ready for a VIBE CHECK! Come ride with me! 


Mollie Curnow

Cycle classes to me are high impact and challenging, but take me to a spiritual level and make me feel elevated when I leave. You cannot beat that feeling! It's a party on wheels! I love to make my classes extremely fun as well as empowering. Get ready to laugh a ton and feel as confident as Beyonce when you leave! 


Amanda Mills

Hi guys!! I'm Amanda and I'm addicted to spin class. I refer to my classes as a buffet because we do it all! Sprints, climbs, endurance rides, jumps, and sometimes I throw in arms for good measure. I love coaching at Cycle of Heart because we are all family. So come join us for an amazingly fun workout and even better friendship!


Regan Potts

My classes incorporate a wide variety of genres and class formats to engage every type of rider. From fast sprints to heavy hills, from party songs to deeply reflective anthems, all fitness levels, feelings, and bodies are celebrated here! You’ll leave feeling empowered, uplifted and grounded. 


Megan Wiest

I love that Cycle of Heart shares my passion for community, authenticity, and fitness. I firmly believe that this is a perfect potion, not only for a successful fitness journey but for living your best life!!! I play a variety of upbeat fast-paced music with a little bass. I like to change it up to keep you on your toes! The energy in the studio is fun and intense! Get ready to push yourself!

Screen Shot 2021-05-12 at 9.39.10 AM.png

Alex Cheadle

My class is fun, intense, full of good vibes, and scalable for all levels of difficulty. There will be a small weights section but, as with the rest of my ride, you can take it at your own pace. Not into weights? Cool, you can just use your arms and follow the movement! Choreography getting to be too much? All I ask is you don't stop and keep moving your legs to the beat, whether that be seated or standing.


Nicole Davis

Friends, I am so excited to work with you! I believe there is strength in beauty and beauty in strength and all shapes and sizes are beautiful. Let's take care of our bodies by moving and feeding them well, not because we hate them but because we love them. We'll build each other up and become stronger together. My hope is that you leave my classes feeling challenged, refreshed, motivated, and ready to tackle anything that comes your way. 


Jessica Nolin

Get ready to ride to the rhythm! The beat of the song drives our cadence and drills. I like to go back and forth from weighted climbs and drills to faster paced sprints and intervals. You’ll get a good workout, but it’ll feel like a party on the bike! Come party with us!!!


Chelsea Schmidt

I love to incorporate a lot of movement into my rides, aka you will never be bored in the saddle! Energy + Movement + confidence = MAGIC! Just when you think the challenge of the ride has caught up with you, you find your second wind, and it feels like someone has turned the light switch from OFF to HIGH BEAMS!!!




We coordinate events and opportunities to gather your family members and friends to volunteer in the community.

Be sure to connect with us on social media and sign up for our emails to stay updated on all events. We want you to be a part of this awesome community.

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